Our apartment in Nutley!

Our apartment in Nutley!

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Face of Paterson 2nd Branch

On Sunday our branch president mentioned that there are more than 30 counties represented in the Paterson 2nd Branch membership.  So we decided to give you a sample of pictures we have taken at branch activities.

Branch breakfast and Easter egg hunt.
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 The Grolon family

(Philippines, etc.) 

(Ghana, etc.)

(Utah, Ghana)

(Idaho, China)

Branch breakfast and Pioneer Day celebration.
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President Bria & Brother Johnson

(African-American, German)

(Jamaica, African-American)

(New Jersey, Mexico) 

(Sierra Leone)

(African-American, Hungary)

 Taihibi Ladson's baptismal service

 Several weeks later Taihibi (on the left) baptized his brother, Herschel Jordan.
 Their sister, Shimaya Ladson,is in front.
The other two on the right are Herschel's non-member sons.


  1. That's so fun to see all the people in your ward. Very diverse! I would love it!

  2. I enjoyed all your pictures. It is so much fun to keep up with you and all that you are doing. It has been six months now. I am sure that you are enjoying your mission very much. We are leaving in Oct. and returning in March. Very strange mission, I know. We are now in charge of the Visitor's Center. It is different than working in the sites but we are getting used to it.